Sunday, August 29, 2010

What This Is

So I have some free time on my hands. Lots of it, actually. As I usually do when I have free time, I decide to write. Or play video games, but I'm not doing that here, so I don't see how that's relevant - why would you even ask that? Anyway, I decided I'm going to make a blog, because blogging is fun*. This is going to be exactly what the name implies - random stuff interjected from my brain onto the internet. The blog will update at least every monday/wendsday/friday, though I'll probably stick to that schedule the way my cat sticks to my back**

This is not actually a first blog post: that's going to come shortly. This is a mission statement, chosen from the category of official blogger mission statements, and here it goes:

I [Insert Name Here] do sincerely swear by [Insert Diety of Choice Here]'s name to uphold a [high moral standings/urge for human sacrifice/quest to destroy the world/desire for humor (choose whichever is appropriate)]. The goal of this blog will be to [insert goal here], and I will strive with all my [willpower/might/heart/spleen (choose whichever is appropriate)] to achieve this goal by [insert primary course of action here]. I do hope you enjoy this blog, and I will [ignore/enjoy/laugh at/love/cry over (choose whichever is appropriate)] your feedback.

[Enjoy/Peace Out/Now Scram/Please Give me Attention/I Hate Everything (choose whichever is appropriate)]***

*not to mention a fun word. Blog. It sounds like something disgusting you'd find in a swamp. Since this is a bunch of words on the internet, it's an appropriate description.

**Infrequently and painfully.

***Randomly Interjected: Spoofing Terry Pratchette since 2010

Hidden Band Names:

Love/Cry Over: Emo band. Very emo.

Now Scram: Country metal band. Yes, it now exists.

Please Give Me Attention/I Hate Everything: An ironic emo band.

I Love Money: Republican Rap

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  1. Cool, just showing my daily love. This was cool. Check my stuff out man.