Sunday, August 29, 2010

Little Ninja Under my Bed

So, I think I have a mini-ninja in my room. Or a micro-singularity. Or a wombat. It’d have to be an invisible wombat, though. The micro-singularity you couldn’t see because it’d be too small, and the mini-ninja would be, despite his diminutive stature, still a fucking ninja. I’d notice a wombat, though. So that can’t be it. Either way, something is stealing my stuff. Like my keys from my keyboard. Two are missing*

What This Is

So I have some free time on my hands. Lots of it, actually. As I usually do when I have free time, I decide to write. Or play video games, but I'm not doing that here, so I don't see how that's relevant - why would you even ask that? Anyway, I decided I'm going to make a blog, because blogging is fun*. This is going to be exactly what the name implies - random stuff interjected from my brain onto the internet. The blog will update at least every monday/wendsday/friday, though I'll probably stick to that schedule the way my cat sticks to my back**